Trail of Cthulhu: Eternal Lies

Episode 39: Games of Death

An introduction to Bangkok's deadly games

Late October, 1937 . . .

Upon the conclusion of the interview that proved deadly for Daniel Lowman, the investigators returned to their hotel to plan their next moves. Clearly, whatever their plans were, it would include going to the death matches that the Bangkok cult oversaw. They knew a few names but were unsure how they all fit together. Thawi Udom and Savatree Sirikhan both seemed to be involved and Savatree seemed to be in charge of the cult but would she be at the games and would she be under protection? And what about what they assumed would be the Major Mouth? Would it be present or would it be elsewhere?

It was it this point that it was decided to sit down with Davis Lockheart and explain matters to him in further detail. Prof. Marvin Derrikson and Julian Alexander had alluded to some of the activities before but now that more of the unusual aspects of the case had penetrated the dark penumbra of the worldwide cult, it was time to explain how much of it fit together. They explained the drug, Nectar. they explained events in Los Angeles, as well as Mexico City as well as Malta. And they explained some of the entities that the investigators had dealt with. Davis would have been skeptical a mere few days before but now that he had seen some hints of the darkness, he was willing to accept some of the more outlandish tales that Prof. Derrikson allowed to flow off his tongue. Meanwhile, Phillip Astor Winston, Tawny Qualls and Dr. Arthur Paddington went out to see the sights of Bangkok.

When Derrikson proposed the next steps as attending some of the deadly games, he suggested that he might be a liability if he attended. After all, the various cult figures seemed to know who he was as he had been responsible for thwarting several of their plans to this point. It was then that Davis suggested that he could make some calls and find a disguise expert. He knew there was a film production company doing some work, locally, and a friend of his who worked for the studio, Barney, had some pull. In just a few hours, they were talking to Lydia Gwynn, a make-up expert for the film company, Miracle Productions. She agreed to provide a clever disguise for Derrikson to get him past any cult scrutiny. That night, Davis took Lydia out on the town, ending in a a romantic an intimate night of passion with the make-up artist.

The following day, Lydia spent time with Derrikson, making him appear more like an Italian count than an Oxford professor. Once they were satisfied with his disguise, the group, along with Dr. Ju-no Sinn, set out for the location that would take them to the underground death matches.

What followed was a series of steps to get from one location to another. Eventually, they found a warehouse area that gained them access to a shady character that allowed them entrance. He then turned them over to an escort who took them down a labyrinth of passages and hallways, eventually opening up to a massive multi-story room that contained hundreds of screaming gamblers and enthusiasts watching two men fight to the death in a pit. Prof. Derrikson instantly saw the signs of Nectar usage but in this case the effects seemed more violent than sexual as most of the attendees were high on the drug and aggression levels caused the attendees to be just as violent as the drug obsessed participants in the pit. There were some guards present, roaming though the cheering fans as well as some people taking bets. On the first floor appeared to be the boss, Thawi Udom, but there was no sign of Savatree Sirikhan or any female in the area.

As they cautiously watched the death match underway, they took note of the sheer mindless brutality of the sport. Blood and gore was quickly a common sight, and at the end the loser was not only dead but soon hacked apart and fed into a gate in the floor, with their parts going to places unknown. The gruesome sight was unbearable to watch and surreal for those not accustomed to such things. It was evident that the individuals who ran this arena were beyond vile, but were also both deranged and evil to be participants to such activities.

While the investigators took all of this in, they were greeted by the only other Westerner in the building, a man who introduced himself as Alex Kramer. Mr. Kramer was a large, hulking man who said he had previously been in the foreign legion but was now traveling the world. He seemed interested in other Westerners and was curious what brought them to such an establishment. While friendly enough, it was still a sign that he would be in such a place. Meanwhile Prof. Derrikson made a point to place a substantially high bet on the next match as a way of gaining attention. His gamble paid off.

As soon as his fighter was victorious and the establishment was prepared to pay out, the boss of the games, Thawi Udom, himself, came to the group to pay the winnings, personally. He was curious to the foreigners’ interest and even more curious as to the amount of money they seemed to have. It was then that Davis Lockheart made a gamble of his own, suggesting that they were high ranking members of one of the other cells in Los Angeles and that they wanted to speak with Savatree Sirikhan. However, the gamble did not go as expected. Udom, instantly became more menacing at the mention of Sirkihan’s name and became angry and aggressive. The situation soon spiraled, with Udom attacking Davis, biting him with his filed down teeth. Right as things were ready to go past a point where they could be salvaged, Julian pulled out a vial of Nectar from Malta which got Udom’s attention. Prof. Derrikson quickly surmised that whereas Udom was the master of the death fights, he likely was unaware of any cults in other locations and any worldwide conspiracies that existed, so these other names, such as Samson Trammel, and other places like Malta, meant absolutely nothing to him.

Udom agreed to speak with the group in private and as they made their way down a dark hallway, filled with hanging bodies (of past winners?, of past losers?, of those who displeased Udom?) they entered a bloody room where they had some privacy. Dr. Sinn, who had remained strangely calm the whole time, casually mentioned to Derrikson, that he was in complete control of the situation and they were in no real danger as he (Sinn), would be able to destroy these men if it came to it. Derrikson, while hardly shocked at the revelation, did not know how to best respond.

Eventually, the tense negotiations resulted in Udom agreeing to set up a meeting with Sirikhan but he would contact them through one of the fronts the cult had set up. He estimated he would take a few days to do so. It was at this point that they were escorted out and went back to the hotel to contemplate their next moves as well as how close to death they had possibly come.


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