Trail of Cthulhu: Eternal Lies

Episode 40: Major Mouth of Bangkok

Early November, 1937 . . .

After returning from the death matches in the dangerous slums of Bangkok, the investigators needed time to regroup and plan their next actions. Davis Lockhart, shaken from what he saw, naturally felt the best course of action was to lose himself in his art purchases. He, along with Dr. Arthur Paddington, Tawny Qualls, Phillip Astor Winston and Lydia Gwynn all went out to see what they could find. Meanwhile, however, Julian Alexander, Professor Marvin Derrikson and Dr. Ju-no Sinn, sat down to truly discuss their options.

Dr. Sinn suggested that there several possibilities, wrapped up in their options. They could meet up with Savatree Sirikhan, set up by Thawi Udom, but what if it were a trap? What if it did not go well? Was even meeting up with her the best option? Or were there other options they could exercise, such as infiltrating the fight club and trying to confront the Major Mouth? To complicate matters, Dr. Sinn revealed that he suspected there was a traitor in their midst. This shocking revelation, when pushed, was found to be something that came to him in a dream. Therefore, the evidence was shaky, but based upon what they knew. it was hardly useful information. In the end, it was decided to set up a meeting with Sirikhan. From there they could not attend but view from afar and see what their options were. They would be able to see what the cult was prepared to do. While they waited for word to come back from Udom, Dr. Sinn would perform some reconnaissance to see what he could discover about a possible river entrance into the cult’s fight club.

Dr. Sinn returned the following morning with a report that he felt they could infiltrate the cult’s club and they decided that night they would penetrate the warehouse to discover what they could see. However, they were woefully unprepared for anything beyond simply looking around.

To their surprise, they were able to get access to some deeper levels of the cult’s activities. They found that the storm drains and tunnels got them deep into the lair. But they were unprepared to take physical action against the cultists. They had to return to the hotel and plan for something deeper.

The next day, Julian discovered that the meeting they wanted with Sirikhan was able to happen that very evening. So they decided that they would try the meet up and then try and go into the cult’s lair. But they knew this was something that needed care, discretion and discipline.

The meet up with the cult and Sirikhan felt like it was something bad. Julian and Davis backed out at the last minute, suspecting that it could have been a trap. So rather than go with the cultists in a truck to supposedly meet up with Sirikhan, they carefully left the scene and figured they were safer taking a second approach. So they went back to the hotel, and gathered their supplies and Prof. Derrikson prepared himself with the Rituals of Self Denial as he knew there was the possibility he would have to sacrifice himself.

Upon returning to the cult’s lair, they quickly made their way back to the deeper tunnels that they suspected would lead them to the Major Mouth. When they realized that there were guards posted, they wondered if Dr. Sinn would be able to get rid of them. To their horrified amazement, they watched as Dr. Sinn cast some kind of spell that literally caused the guards to melt before their very eyes. This was horrifying and shocking to them as it seemed to unravel their sanity, wondering what Dr. Sinn could possibly do next or what he must have done to reach this point. Was he insane or simply oblivious to the powers that he possessed?

After dispatching the thugs, the group made their way through the cult’s underground lair. They bypassed a variety of other fanatics and thugs until they spotted a strange fellow poking through the hallways. It appeared as if he was cleaning some mops near a large braced door.

After grabbing the fellow, whose name was Xuc, he revealed he was a simple custodian charged with cleaning up after the Major Mouth which was behind the large braced door. The investigators rendered him unconscious and left him, immediately heading towards the braced door.

They knew what was behind the door but their curiosity and need to stop the cult’s activities had them enter the horrible room. Prof. Derrikson was immediately in shock over the sheer size of the horrible mouth of Bangkok. The creature reacted violently, spewing up its filth from the entire room it took up, creating chunky rivulets of bile and milky white discharge. Derrikson, realizing his compatriots fared far worse than he had, knew he had one precious chance at destroying this mouth that had torn his family asunder. Pushing the others away, leaving them in Dr. Sinn’s care, he wished the rest of them the best of luck and said a brief prayer to whatever entity may have been listening and threw himself into the mouth, using the Rituals of Self Denial that he had used on himself to act as a poison pill. As the mouth began to erupt and attempt to discharge the professor, the others fled, hearing the dying screams of both Derrikson as well as the mouth.

As Dr. Sinn fled with Julian and Davis, unfortunately he was accosted by members of the cult, who apprehended the group in their weakened state.


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