Trail of Cthulhu: Eternal Lies

Episode 43: They Saved Paddington's Head!

Early December, 1937 . . .

It was quite the homecoming as the investigators from Bangkok straggled back to Providence somewhat worse for wear. They knew they would be traveling again soon but needed to connect with Janet-Winston Rogers in order to see if she had any contact with Bethany Tibadeaux or Howard Defoe, the research team that, at this point, none of the current investigators had met but had heard plenty about. Upon arriving in the United States and traveling to Janet’s mansion, they were surprised to find not only the aforementioned Howard and Bethany but also Dr. Ju-no Sinn, Dr. Arthur Paddington and Phillip Astor Winston. Somehow the group had not only gotten out of Bangkok but had also arrived back in the United States safely. The field team had also presented Janet with the horrific volume 12 of the Revelations of Glaaki. Regardless, they knew their next – and likely final – stop was Mt Kailash in India. near the Himalayas.

While Bethany retold the group of the harrowing tale that she and Howard had to endure, she mentioned the feeling that they had been followed by some unnatural presence, that seemed to exist in the corner of her eyes and was given away by the strange shimmering of mirrors when she felt the presence stronger. But she had not felt it in some weeks.

Julian Alexander took the opportunity to introduce the newest members of the investigative team, Dr. Yuri Ivanov and Dr. Nikita Kolokov as they had been instrumental in the Bangkok leg of the investigation. Janet welcomed them with open arms as she knew that every dedicated person they could find would be of great assistance.

Once assembled back at Janet’s estate, the investigative team spent a few days introducing themselves to one another and compiling the vast mountains of data that they had put together. The result was the Mt Kailash Dossier. This document, using photos, geological surveys, maps and other historical and paranormal data was the blueprint by which they needed to plan their final assault on the evil that had been festering on earth for far too long. Dr. Paddington, for his efforts, had quickly become an expert on the subject and was willing to train others on their long trip to India that they would soon have to make. Fortunately, Davis Lockhart recalled an associate of his that was in the greater New Delhi area. His friend, Sir Randolph Michaels, was a gentleman explorer who may well know the area they were heading quite well and if he could be contacted, would provide an excellent resource.

While the loss of the compiled clues in Bangkok, at the hands of the counter-investigators, specifically Tawny Qualls, was devastating, Edward Keane, loyal servant to Janet, began compiling a new chest with supplies, useful items and the equipment they would need for their travel to Mt. Kailash. Whereas it would take him a few days to get all the material together, their concern for something along the lines of explosives was alleviated when Davis mentioned his friend, Sir Randolph who may have some experience in that area.

The night before the team would set out on Janet’s new plane, piloted by Frankie Fawn, they decided one last fine meal and a good night’s sleep was in order. However, this was not to be.

Bethany awoke in the middle of the night to a strange noise in the hallway. When she got up to investigate, she noticed one of the hallway mirrors began to shimmer and then that is when she spotted a sinister 8 foot tall figure at the far end, shrouded in darkness, with its hand dripping blood. She panicked and began to wake the others. In short time the rest of the household was up and ready to defend themselves from the dangerous creature that had zeroed in on them, sent, no doubt, by the cult. Worse, the creature had already gotten to Edward Keane and turned him into some kind of slavering servant, akin to a zombie, which shuffled up the stairs to join in the attack.

The creature, dangerous and malevolent, attacked with great claws as well as a bear hug attack. Identified by Julian Alexander as a Dimensional Shambler, he screamed that the creature was certainly dangerous but the most lethal attack involved the ability to shift in and out of reality, with a victim. It took every effort of attack that the investigators possessed to dispatch the evil creature, including Julian’s ability to cast Hands of Power. Further, Edward had to be destroyed as well. However, at the conclusion of the fight, Dr. Sinn noticed that that the creature had first targeted Dr. Paddington, whose body now lay decapitated in his room. Knowing that Paddington was a key asset, Dr. Sinn was not content to let this lay dormant and had a plan, filled with insane bravado: by using an iron pot and casting a spell, he was able to preserve the consciousness of Dr. Paddington as a disembodied head. Dr. Sinn was content with this plan, as blasphemous as it seemed.

After cleaning up the mess and disposing of Paddington’s headless body, the investigators rested for a few more days and began the long journey to India, specifically to Mt. Kailash, to end this evil forever.


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