Abraham Buchwald

An accountant with a cult leader as a former client


Abraham Buchwald is an accountant in good standing in Los Angeles. Whereas his current practice is well regarded by colleagues, his origins were much more sinister, as he seems to have been mixed up with cultists and orgies. But that was over ten years ago.

In 1918 when he first began practicing, he was apparently approached by Ramon Echavarria to act as his accountant. They prepared an extensive drug trade for a narcotic called Nectar, detailed in an accounting book. Highly coded, this Narcotics Ledger was an accounting of the Nectar trade from 1918 until Echavarria’s death in 1924. In the ledger, Buchwald’s codename was ‘Towncar.’ The 1924 Investigators were able to steal his ledger and keep it as possible leverage in case they needed it against the cult. Apparently, Buchwald never revealed that it was stolen for fear of reprisals from the deranged cult leader, Echavarria.

Buchwald, under intense interrogation from Howard Defoe, revealed his prior involvement with the drugs and orgies but seemed only nominally aware of the cult (which he called ‘druids’). Buchwald did throw out a few names of people who attended the parties including Edgar Job (some math student at UCLA), Richard Spend (and actor), George Ayers (a history professor at UCLA). He did also reveal, however, that at one point in a conversation with Echavarria regarding Gol-Gorath, Echavarria stated:

“Abraham, would you like to know something truly perverse? Those who follow me in the way of Gol-Gorath are deceived. My work goes deeper than any of them know. Prepare yourself, Abraham. Prepare yourself for the end.”

Buchwald had no idea what any of this meant as he had no understanding or appreciation of the strange gods. But it showed him that Echavarria was a man who held secrets within secrets.

Abraham Buchwald

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