Bartolo Acuna

A Spanish archeologist


Dr. Bartolo Acuna is a Spanish archeologist traveling through Ethiopia. In the early 1920’s he sponsored a dig that attracted Dr. George Ayers of UCLA.

Research by Janet Winston-Rogers revealed that Dr. Acuna had been in Ethiopia in the 1920’s, until a series of accidents occurred, preventing his research from progressing. Finally, a volcano eruption in 1926, sent him packing back to Spain until in 1937, he was hired by the Italian fascist government to assist in the moving of precious artifacts from Ethiopia to Italy. Specifically Dr. Acuna is in charge of securing the Obelisk of Axum.

When interviewed by the investigators in June of 1937, he had the following details to reveal:

  • They arrived in 1924 and hired guides and secured the supplies they needed. It only took a few months to find the site.
  • The reliefs on the doors that sealed the inner complex were different from other works from the same period. They were protective. Ayers sent a fragment back to their patron Ramon Echavarria.
  • Acuna believed Ayers was a drunk, a drug addict or both.
  • Problems began shortly after the seal was broken and the careful digging began. Supplies disappeared, people left, contact between Acuna and the CMC broke down.
  • When they finally broke through the inner sanctum in 1926, they discovered the statute of a mouth. It was carved in detail never before seen, quarried in some ancient stone. It was a giant, screaming mouth, all tongues and a dozen kind of teeth and lips that were obscene.
  • When the CMC cut off supplies, Ayers and Acuna traveled back to Mersa Fatma to confront the company (who later said they received word Acuna cancelled the supplies). While they were away an eruption from a volcano destroyed everything, killing most of the laborers and engulfing their equipment. The inner sanctum fell into hot lava. Acuna, despondent over the whole affair left for Spain, vowing never to return. Ayers, slightly more confident, traveled back to Dallol to see for himself, which was the last time the two saw each other.
  • The last people to see Ayers, Acuna believes, are the tribe who travel around the Dallol village. These people worked for the CMC back in the day, mining salt and potash. Acuna suggested that these people, the Diggers, could well be primitive and dangerous people.
  • The entire area is hell on earth with the heat, brutal conditions and unfriendly environmental hazards.

Bartolo Acuna

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