Bethany Tibedeaux

A professor with interesting methods



System Shock

Sources of Stability:

Jonah Lereaux (maternal grandfather)
Marie Beauchamp (girl at the Occult Curios shop in New Orleans)
Uncle Jean (repairman)
Gladys Baker (librarian at Tulane)

Pillars of Sanity:

Scientific Progress
Physical Laws

Health: 12
Stability: 12
Sanity: 10


Little is known about Ms. Tibedeaux other than a cryptic references from Janet Winston-Rogers to her associates, Lord Edward and Howard Defoe. It is suggested that Ms. Tibedeaux has a background in what is best described as ‘parapschology,’ a field recognized as legitimate by a scant few.

Ms. Tibedeaux seems to have a strong connection to her family, even though her family may come from a dark origin. Based upon the items and phrases that she employs, she may have more than just a passing interest in Louisiana Voodoo. In fact, it is quite possible that her family keeps adherence to this strange religion.

Ms. Tibedeaux’s family of occult practitioners were once consulted by Ms. Winston in 1935, perhaps as a way of trying to determine the nature of Walter Winston’s mania and unusual behavior. Despite the backwoods nature of some of her family, Ms. Tibideaux may have made a good impression with her more New Oreleans influenced refinement.

Working as an independent researcher, guide and social translator for academics who come to study the simpler swamp people of Louisiana, Ms. Tibideaux has been able to supplement her income with these side projects. But her true passion seems to be studying occult phenomena and paranormal activity.

Ms. Winston has never expressed much interest or belief in the occult but for whatever reason she values Ms. Tibideaux’s insight.

Bethany Tibedeaux

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