Chakar Singh Kalsi

Sikh doctor from Oxford


Health: 12
Stability: 12
Sanity: 10
Athletics: 8

Biology: 4
Firearms: 2
First Aid: 16
Forensics: 4
Medicine: 8
Pharmacy: 6
Weapons: 10

Sources of Stability:
Leena Kaur (wife)
Professor McKenzie (Oxford)
Quentin Stephens (old war buddy)
Roy Blaine (cricket teammate)

Pillars of Sanity:
Human dignity and value
Scientific/medical progress
Sikh faith


Chakar Singh Kalsi (b. 1899 Aug 24) grew up in the Punjab region (northern India, on the Pakistan border) until 1908, when the family moved to Birmingham, UK. His father was a pharmacist until he died in 1931.

During the Great War, Chakar joined the 3rd Sikh Regiment in the British Army as a combat medic. He saw combat in the Hai District of Tanzania (1917) and in Egypt (1918). He was decorated for gallantry following an incident in 1918 when German soldiers got behind the lines and attacked the HQ; armed only with his kirpan, Chakar killed seven enemy soldiers in defense of the medical hut.

When the Great War ended, he returned to England to enter medical school. He studied surgery under Professor Michael McKenzie at Oxford. In 1929 he was accepted as a Member of the Royal College of Physicians (MRCP) and took a position as a lecturer at Oxford.

In November 1934, Chakar’s family arranged a betrothal between him and Leena Kaur, whose family had moved to Birmingham from London earlier that year. Chakar and Leena were married in April 1936, and they live at Oxford, where Chakar now holds a post as professor at the medical school.

In late May, 1937, Professor McKenzie approached Chakar for a favor. A friend of his, Professor Marvin Derrikson, has gone off on an adventure following the death of his nephew, Lord Edward Homeward. McKenzie fears that his friend might not be prepared for the dangers involved. Knowing Chakar’s background, McKenzie wants him to find Derrikson and keep him safe.

Chakar flew to Massaua, Ethiopia, where he visited the last known location of Professor Derrikson, the Universite degli Studi di Cagliari. After making a few discreet inquiries, he tracked the investigators to Mersa Fatma, where he missed them just as they were leaving by train. As he imagined this to be the last vestige of city life he’d see for a while, he stocked up on whatever medical supplies he could buy and carry and set out to try to catch up with the group.

Towards the end of the quest, while the investigators were preparing to scale Mt Kailash, the ghost-like visage of Chakar appeared to Bethany Tibedeaux and gave her a stone that he said would help in their quest against Y’Golonac.

Chakar Singh Kalsi

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