Davis Lockhart


As a man of adventure and action, Davis has seen most of his adventures through his world travel and collection of antiques and other rare items. A dear friend of his, Phillip Astor Winston, has been a part of several of these excursions. When Lord Edward Homeward passed away, a man that Davis knew (but not well), this was a major blow to Phillip’s world travels as the two were very close. Davis stepped up and agreed to be Phillip’s traveling companion.

Davis, as the son of the late Frank Lockhart, came into an obscene amount of money when his father tragically died in Daytona.

Presently, Davis and Phillip and the rest of their party were in Tokyo on a buying trip and took a slight detour to Bangkok where they met up with some of Phillips other associates, namely Julian Alexander and Professor Marvin Derrikson.

Davis Lockhart

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