Det. Trent Huggins

A detective on the Los Angeles case


Trent Huggins was a detective with the LAPD on the 1924 case that ended with the massacre at Lot 32 culminating in the deaths of Ramon Echavarria, Richard Spend, most of the 1924 Investigators, and leaving the police department baffled.

Huggins hit it off well with Howard Defoe when Defoe came to the Los Angeles police station to look for clues. When a small bribe went to the file clerk at the police station to secure a copy of the Lot 32 File, Huggins was able to help put some of the pieces together with Defoe.

Huggins said that city and count officials went back and forth on the Lot 32 case, neither wanting responsibility. Whereas the official statement was that the crimes were committed by a drug fueled orgy that got way out of hand, and that wild animals were responsible for some of the bite marks on the corpses, Huggins thought that was nonsense and that the bite marks came from . . . something else. Though, he had no better explanation.

Huggins gave Defoe his card and seemed willing to help out in any way he could but warned Defoe that elements within the Los Angeles police force were corrupt and not to be trusted. Specifically, individuals like Det. Nate Detmiller were the kinds of people Huggins was referring to.

When asked about who it could have been who attacked Lord Edward Homeward in his apartment, Det. Huggins heard the description and provided the name of Jack Pizner, a local private detective.

Det. Trent Huggins

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