Douglas Henslowe

A former investigator and mental patient


Douglas Henslowe has been under the care of Joy Grove hospital in Savannah, Georgia, on and off for the past 14 years. He was one of the 1924 Investigators into the 1924 Incident. He has a fractured sanity and is only lucid several times during day, likely resulting from whatever he encountered in 1924.

As a native of Savannah, Georgia, he has been in and out of Joy Grove, living at his family home, the Henslowe Estate when not incarcerated. He has spent 14 years trying to communicate with Walter Winston, pleading for him to tell the doctors at Joy Grove that what they saw was ‘real.’ His mother, Mother Henslowe lives at the estate with her manservant, Carruthers.

In early 1938, new investigators came to Joy Grove to question him. He was nervous and dodgy but told everything he knew. The statement of his account can be found in Henslowe’s Statement. There was a reference to a hidden book, Henslowe Journal that promised to provide clues to the 1924 Incident dealing with Los Angeles. But it was somewhere on the grounds of his family estate.

Douglas Henslowe

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