Dr. Arthur Paddington

A professor of antiquities from New England


Dr. Arthur Paddington is an expert on anything old – especially the value of such things. For this reason, he was a mainstay in the lives of notorious art collections, Lord Edward Homeward, Davis Lockhart and Phillip Astor Winston. He was able to determine the value of things they were interested in acquiring and proved his worth time and time again.

Recently, Dr. Paddington has found himself in Bangkok, the result of an extended art excursion.

After escaping Bangkok, Paddington educated himself on the many points dedicated to the worldwide Nectar cult and had become an expert on the strange activities, providing a useful ally in the fight against the evil. However, at the home of Janet Winston-Rogers, Paddington was attacked, and beheaded by a Dimensional Shambler presumably sent by the cult. Thinking quickly, Dr. Ju-no Sinn, did not wish to lose the valuable information that Paddington had learned and saved the doctor’s head through magic and sorcery, allowing the group to retain such a useful ally.

Dr. Arthur Paddington

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