Dr. Jurgen Schaeffer

A professor with dubious methods


Dr. Jurgen Schaeffer is a professor of ethno-historical studies at the University of Berlin. Dr. Schaeffer, on special assignment with the Ahnenerbe came to Malta in order to make a trade with Dr. Leonardis Puzo. Dr. Puzo’s relationship with the Vizenti City Library allowed him access to some of their own ancient texts.

Dr. Schaeffer’s proposal was to trade his own items, ancient Hindu plates known as the Kamadhenu Tablets for Puzo’s Latin copy of De Vermis Mysteriis. However, while Professor Marvin Derrikson at the library conducting his own investigation, he examined the plates and suspected they were clever forgeries.

Dr. Schaeffer may have been directly or indirectly involved with the attempt on the lives of Bethany Tibedeaux and Howard Defoe when a stone from their hotel, the Piazza di Ville, narrowly missed them after a visit from Dr. Schaeffer.

Dr. Jurgen Schaeffer

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