Dr. Leonardis Puzo

The director of the city library in Valletta


Dr. Leonardis Puzo runs the Vizenti City Library in Valletta, Malta. He quickly developed a friendship with Professor Marvin Derrikson upon his arrival to Valletta and found Prof. Derrikson’s insight invaluable when investigating the Kamadhenu Tablets that were brought by Dr. Jurgen Schaeffer. Professor Derrikson determined that these were forgeries.

In a subsequent meeting with Howard Defoe, Dr. Puzo reiterated his belief that he needed to stay with Prof. Derrikson’s plan to stall the Germans in hopes that Derrikson would have some kind of plan, even when faced with Defoe’s accusation that the Germans were willing to resort to violence and murder to get their hands on the Kamadhenu Tablets.

Dr. Leonardis Puzo

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