Dr. Mario Salazzio

A doctor overseeing Monte Donovan


Dr. Salazzio is the attending physician overseeing Monte Donovan at Hospital Superbissima. He is aided by Nurse Bonfila Scarlotti. He did not take kindly to Dr. Chakar Singh Kalsi looking through the medical records of his patient. When he insisted that Dr. Kalsi leave, Kalsi responded that he was hired on by Montgomery Donovan. In calling the bluff, Dr. Salazzio called for Donovan’s personal security, at which point Dr. Kalsi and Bethany Tibedeaux fled the scene rather than answer any questions.

Whereas Dr. Salazzio escaped the destruction of the cult in Malta, he likely had a great deal of explaining to do once some of the cult’s activities were exposed as well as his role in substandard patient care at the hospital.

Dr. Mario Salazzio

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