Edgar Job

A former cultist and mental patient


This poor, wretched creature is now under the current care of Dr. Jonathan Keaton at Joy Grove hospital in Savannah, Georgia. His involvement with the activities of a cult in 1924 (the 1924 Incident) have been the center of an investigation into Walter Winston.

Whatever he did in 1924, it involved a cult, led my a mysterious man known as Escheverria in Los Angeles. The events that transpired in 1924 broke up the cult by the 1924 Investigators. Job has seemed contrite about his actions and expressed a willingness to help set things right.

Later, it was revealed that Edgar had a close relationship with George Ayers, from his days at UCLA. George stated that Edgar was a genius at mathematics and physics yet George also admitted that he was surprised that someone with such seemingly low ambition would have been elevated so far up into Ramon Echavarria’s circle.

The full details of his interview from Joy Grove can be found in Job’s Statement.

Edgar Job

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