Elena Alcatruz

A poet and a dreamer


Elena Alcatruz, a young lady from the Coyoacan district outside Mexico City. She was born and raised in Mexico City, on the verge between its urbanized heart and its bucolic fringe. She’s 22 years old, and trying decide how to grow up. She seems to idolize free thinkers, artists and adventurers, particularly Frida Kahlo and Amelia Earhart and is looking for a way to turn her bookish ways into something more exciting. In conversation, she revealed she is Spanish on her father’s side and Nahuatl on her mother’s.

Meeting the investigative team at her favorite cantina, La Paz she started a friendship with the group, eventually telling them that she not only knew Javier Luna, the band leader associated with the group that did back up singing for La Luz, but also mentioned that she hated the song that La Luz had recorded, even going so far as to teach everyone a song that she used to drown the song out of her head, Ghost of the Wolf.

Further, it is clear that Elena has no small affection for Howard Defoe.

She took the investigators to a house party in order to meet Luna and the rest of the band and was present when a group of cultist arrived on the scene, intent on killing Luna and his associates, using shotguns to deliver their message.

After the investigators had to flee Mexico City, Elena felt safer traveling with the group and as a result traveled with them to Merida.

Elena Alcatruz

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