Fr. Carl Meinardus, SDB

A Catholic priest of the Salesian order


Fr. Carl Meinardus is a friend of Janet Winston-Rogers and has been counseling her for several years. He attempted to counsel her father, Walter Winston, an former ardent Catholic, but to no avail. Fr. Carl was brought into the strange investigation regarding Walter’s experiences in 1924 that left him a hallow man. Fr. Carl, along with Howard Defoe and Lord Edward D Homeward began investigating these strange events.

Fr. Carl briefly mentioned his past, saying he was from Haiti but had been living in the United States for many years, traveling through the northeast investigating the possible miracles that people have reported, reporting back to the Archbishop who then prepares a statement for Rome. In his capacity as an investigator and a healer, he came into contact with the generous Winston family.

Now he, along with Defoe and Lord Edward, have taken the letters given to them by Ms. Winston (The Henslowe Letters) and have begun investigating what happened and what terrible tragedy must have befallen Walter Winston in 1924.

Fr. Carl met his end in Dallol in Ethiopia when he encountered the Avatar of Agony and rather than attack the creature, endangering the subtle peace the investigators had carved out, he ended his own life as his sanity could not longer comprehend what he was experiencing.

Fr. Carl Meinardus, SDB

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