Francesco de la Vega

A wealthy landowner in Merida


Don de la Vega is the wealthiest landowner in all of Merida. He has vast farms, specifically agave, which has contributed to his wealth.

It was discovered that Don de la Vega owned large pieces of property in the nearby jungle, property that had to be crossed in order to get to Chichen Xoxul. In speaking with Don de la Vega, he explained to the investigators that there had been a recent expedition of archeologists that had come through but who had disappeared. (The investigators knew, however, that these archeologists were actually cult members loyal to Jonathan Brooks.)

Don de La Vega showed that he was well versed in history, anthology and local customs. His gracious hosting of dinner and drinks with the investigators, allowed he and Professor Marvin Derrikson to discuss some of the local history.

In discussions, Don de la Vega was hesitant to allow the investigators to cross his land as he said it was too dangerous, including reports of bandits, but in the end he relented, suggesting that they use Hernando Garcia, the best guide in the area.

Francesco de la Vega

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