George Ayers

A History Professor at UCLA who has gone missing


Dr. George Ayers is a history professor attached with UCLA, once living in Los Angeles whose specialty was African History and legends and occult practices in ancient Africa.. His name was dropped by Abraham Buchwald, Ramon Echavarria’s former accountant as someone who was associated with the cult formed by Echavarria.

When the whereabouts of Dr. Ayers was attempted to be ascertained, it was discovered that a few months prior to the incident at Lot 32, Dr. Ayers when on sabbatical to Ethiopia. He was never heard from again and in 1930, agents from The Hartford Insurance Company declared Dr. Ayers deceased.

Recently, however, the investigators caught up with George, with the help of Jerome. Living as a hermit, not far from the village of Kolluli, George was living a life of denial in order to keep the Minor Mouth that had manifested on his body dormant. He aided the investigators by teaching them the Rituals of Self Denial. He also expressed great happiness that his old friend Edgar Job was doing well and in relatively good health.

George Ayers

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