Hamish MacDunn

A History professor with answers


Dr. MacDunn is the chairman of the History Department at UCLA. He has been overseeing the politics and teaching for well over 15 years.

According to Dr. MacDunn, when George Ayers came to him wanting to take a sabbatical to Ethiopia back in 1923, he denied Ayers’ request. However, when Ayers found private funding, later determined to be Ramon Echavarria, MacDunn agreed.

MacDunn stated that Ayers linked up with a Spanish archeologist, Dr. Bartolo Acuna, and together they went on a variety of digs. Whereas MacDunn did receive several missives from Ayers over the years, he admitted that he had not received one in over 8 years.

Upon prodding from Lord Edward Homeward and Bethany Tibedeaux, Dr. MacDunn provided them a key to the university archives where Ayers’ things were kept.

Hamish MacDunn

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