Jack Pizner

A private eye with a quick temper


Jack Pizner is a former LAPD detective who, when removed from the force, went into his own line of work as a private detective. His case load, mostly cheating spouses and insurance fraud, barely keeps the bills paid and therefore takes whatever work he can get. His angry temper and rampant greed makes him a perfect choice for individuals with unsavory cases to send his way.

As it turns out, Jack was the same individual who accosted Lord Edward Homeward and Bethany Tibedeaux, giving them both superficial wounds when trying to warn them off of their case in Los Angeles. When they were able to find out who he was, using Howard Defoe’s connections with Det Trent Huggins, they confronted Jack.

Jack explained that he was hired to offer them money to leave L.A. and instead he pocketed the money and tried to scare them off. When pressed who he worked for, Jack revealed that it would cost them to find out as these people were unsavory, dangerous and possibly evil.

Paying Jack a sum to reveal what he knew, Jack told them that the man who hired him was Captain Walker, who worked for some fancy fellow in Pasadena, Samson Trammel. With that, Jack took the money and seemingly left town.

Jack Pizner

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