Janet Winston-Rogers

A mysterious woman with a problem


Janet Winston-Rogers is the daughter of the late Walter Winston and the widow of Jamison Bechtel Rogers, a wealthy scion of the Bechtel family. She is striking and confident with an air of mystery to anyone who knows her. Her personality makes her somewhat off-putting to those who do not know her but to her friends, she is a staunch ally. She has a seemingly endless supply of resources, including a small plane, piloted by her friend, Frankie Fawn. Her driver and manservant, Edward Keane, is a holdover from her husband’s life and has been assisting her ever since Jamison’s death in 1936 from an automobile accident.

Ms. Walters has effectively inherited two fortunes. First from her husband and most recently from her father. She lives in Providence, RI but travels around the world for activities both personal and business-oriented. This is why she has traditionally needed a private plane, a DC-3 and pilot.

Whereas she has a diverse set of interests, including art, history and modern literature, she sits on the board of directors of her late father’s pharmaceutical company, Winston Chemical Solutions. As a woman, she has some difficulty dealing with closed-minded members of the board who do not respect a woman on the board, but those who cross her have found themselves in difficult situations.

Ms. Walters recently approached some of her friends with a mystery. Lord Edward D Homeward, Howard Defoe, Fr. Carl Meinardus and Bethany Tibedeaux were all contacted by Ms. Walters to investigate the unusual circumstances that surrounded her father before he died. She initially provided some letters by a Douglas Henslowe (The Henslowe Letters) that were sent to her father regarding some activity they had been involved with in 1924 (the 1924 Incident). This incident seemed to damage her father, psychologically and Ms. Walters seemed to have grown obsessed with whatever had happened in 1924, the events that led to it and what it was that so damaged her father.

Recently, Janet was brought up to speed on what the investigators had uncovered. She is now well aware that there is a vast worldwide cult conspiracy dedicated to something not quote known or completely understood. It is known that the cult wants to bring about the glory of some god, either Nyarlathotep or The Thing with a Thousand Mouths. Further, they are propping up their activities through the sale of some substance known as Nectar. Janet took interest in Olivia Clarendon when she came to Providence, allowing her to recuperate with her until she was ready to go back to Los Angeles.

Janet has been crucial in her efforts to assist the investigators from her home in Providence. She was able to uncover a great deal of information about person of interest, Dr. Bartolo Acuna as well as his expeditions in Ethiopia. Further, she has set out to investigate the Malta and Bangkok locales.

Janet Winston-Rogers

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