Jonathan Brooks

A mysterious American in Mexico City


Currently, little is known of Jonathan Brooks or his wife Leticia de la Luz, other than they are associated with the Mexico City cult operation and they are the ones responsible for the Luz Recording at their now abandoned studio, La Luz Records.

Upon learning more about Brooks, the investigators discovered a man who seemed to had been sent to Mexico City by Samson Trammel with a clear purpose, as well as much of the cults funds. Brooks, apparently becoming obsessed with music, likely sung by a horrific Major Mouth threw away his other responsibilities to cultivate this disturbing music, allowing the cult to spiral out of control around him.

As it turned out, Jonathan Brooks and his wife, Luz, fled to an area outside of Stalingrad in a failed attempt to reestablish the cult, using his bodyguard, Konovalov’s contacts. He and his wife were killed by a new set of investigators, Dr. Yuri Ivanov and Dr. Nikita Kolokov.

Jonathan Brooks

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