Klaus Numan

An eerie German artist in Milwaukee


Klaus Numan is the artist of several unusual pieces, namely the ’Gazer’s Perspective.’ It seems, after careful questioning by Lord Edward Homeward, Bethany Tibedeaux and Howard Defoe, it was discovered that he worked ‘as a collaborative effort’ with Ramon Echavarria to design the Gazer’s Perspective, which seems to have some occult significance.

When the investigators went to his home and studio in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, it was revealed that Numan got his ideas through dreams he had when he slept in a tub filled with water. His other pieces that he had on display were the ‘Sunken City’ as well as ‘The Maw’ both which were purchased by Lord Edward. The Maw, as it was so disturbing, was quickly burned shortly after purchasing it as it seemed to resemble a Major Mouth.

Klaus Numan

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