Lady Gweneth Homeward

The wife of the late Edward Homeward


Little is known about Lady Gweneth Homeward other than she is the wife of Lord Edward Homeward. Prof. Marvin Derrikson referred to her as his ‘niece-in-law’ which is a wordy way of saying she was married to his nephew.

It is unknown what involvement she had with Lord Homeward’s estates after his death but she was recently spotted in Valletta, Malta, prompting Prof. Derrikson to think this is the worst place and time she could appear.

Unfortunately, as it turned out, Lady Gweneth was not who she claimed to be. It was uncovered that she was Luc Fauche, the one the investigators called a ‘skin walker’ for his ability to take the skin from a deceased victim and pose as them. Fauche was killed in the hotel suite he was using, leaving the investigators to presume the worst fate about Lady Gweneth.

Lady Gweneth Homeward

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