Leticia de la Luz

A mysterious singer in Mexico City


Currently, little is known of Leticia de la Luz or her husband, Jonathan Brooks, other than they are associated with the Mexico City cult operation and they are the ones responsible for the Luz Recording at their now abandoned studio, La Luz Records. It is Leticia’s voice that is heard on the Luz Recording.

A story formed upon investigating la Luz’s apartment. The investigators discovered that la Luz lead a fairly healthy life up until she met Jonathan Brooks, whereupon she was likely subjected to Nectar as well as exposure to a variety of horrors Brooks subjected her to, including, quite possibly, a Major Mouth. This led her down a path of insanity and depravity. According to her former parish priest, la Luz was a good girl, who sang in the church choir, who eventually became debased and dejected.

After the cult was destroyed in Mexico City, she and her husband had to flee with what possessions they could smuggle out.

The tragic story of Luz, came to an end, mercifully, when it was revealed she had morphed into some horrific creature, a true servant of evil. With her humanity gone, her husband attempted to reform the cult outside of Stalingrad. New investigators put a stop to it and destroyed the cult, and Luz, before it could form.

Leticia de la Luz

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