Luc Fauche

A sinister messenger


Luc Fauche was first encountered in Providence where he approached Bethany Tibedeaux at the library of Brown University and then later appeared at the hotel room of Howard Defoe. Fauche, speaking with a French accent and possessing dead eyes and eerie disposition had one simple message to deliver: cease the investigation and abandon all progress. This was met with dismissal by some but Professor Marvin Derrikson went so far as to put a gun in Fauche’s face and demanded to know who he worked for. Fauche, unfazed, simply stared at him with his dead eyes.

Later when Fauche left, Howard followed him to an apartment on the edge of town. The following day when the rest of the investigators appeared, they searched the abandoned building, discovered horrors in the basement, including a torture chamber filled with medical devices as well as a room where human skins were hanging like suits to be worn. Fauche, however, was nowhere to be found.

Fauche was again encountered by the investigators but this time in Valletta, Malta. He was posing as Lady Gweneth Homeward, apparently wearing her skin and attempting to worm his way into the trust of the investigators. Once his ruse was uncovered he and his associates attacked the investigators but he was killed, leaving the local authorities to deal with a very confusing mystery.

He was later revealed to be one of the Anti-Investigators.

Luc Fauche

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