Michael McKenzie

A surgeon at Oxford


Professor Michael McKenzie has been a surgeon at Oxford for over 30 years after having been born and raised in Scotland. Whereas there are few who would doubt his dedication and skill at surgery, his professional career has been stunted by his eclectic interests which have caused some scandal in the county of Oxfordshire. It was only his association with the late Baron Joseph Lister, that has salvaged his reputation.

In the early 1900’s when he first began teaching at Oxford, he was consulted on a case from the Severn Valley. After a local veterinarian had come to him with the corpse of something that was only described as “goat-like creature with a strange antediluvian, chaotic incongruity,” Professor McKenzie then took on the matter in a more direct way by heading to the village of Redditch where it was discovered yo further investigate the case of the ‘Redditch Goat.’ Few people are certain of what transpired there but Professor McKenzie’s investigation resulted in two deceased allies and substantial property damage to several farms and livestock in the area. It is said that McKenzie created a manuscript of his findings but has never shown another soul what he uncovered.

Over the years, McKenzie developed a reputation of someone who investigated the unexplainable and a master of oddities, branching out to even things which were considered ‘supernatural’ or ‘preternatural.’ He even once consulted with the infamous ‘Homeward Curse,’ by working with the late Lord Edward D. Homeward. This led to a consultative relationship with Lord Homeward’s uncle, Professor Marvin Derrikson, a professor of classics and anthropology, also at Oxford.

When McKenzie heard of the untimely passing of his friend, Lord Edward, as well as the subsequent decision by Derrikson to investigate the matter, McKenzie became concerned. He began checking in on Edward’s widow, Lady Gweneth, to help her ease through the loss. When McKenzie found some of Edward’s letters, he grew deeply concerned that Derrikson had fallen into something much grander in scope than anyone would have guessed. It was then that he dispatched a former student and colleague, Chakar Singh Kalsi to Ethiopia in an effort to provide aid and assistance.

After a brief disappearance, Michael McKenzie resurfaced in Providence at the home of Janet Winston-Rogers, demanding to know where his friends, Chakar and Marvin where. As it turned out, they appeared as he was ranting, calming him only slightly. His main concern then turned to a horrific abomination he had brought from England, currently sealed in a coffin. This creature, a Faceless One attacked him and due to its invulnerability, he felt he had no choice but to bring it to America.

Traveling with the investigators to Malta, Professor McKenzie was an invaluable member of the group until he met his end when he was scooped up and eaten by the Major Mouth in Malta.

Michael McKenzie

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