Olivia Clarendon

A famous actress


Olivia Clarendon is a famous Hollywood actress at the height of her career, living in the Los Angeles area. However, in the early 1920’s, she was involved with actor, Richard Spend when they were both young, inexperienced and known by only a small number of people. Now, Olivia is a member of true Hollywood elite. The advent of talking pictures revealed to movie-goers what a beautiful voice Olivia possessed and thrust her into true celebrity status.

Yolanda Spenzel, sister of Richard, blames Olivia for getting her brother involved with Ramon Echavarria and his sex parties from many years ago as well as introducing him to the narcotic sexual stimulant, Nectar.

Whereas Olivia is not seen in any of the notorious (and pornographic) Blackmail Photos it cannot be definitively ruled out, either. Whether Olivia was a member of the Echavarria’s cult or merely just an attendee at his parties is somewhat unclear.

Upon further questioning by Lord Edward Homeward and Bethany Tibedeaux, Ms. Clarendon revealed that she despised Echavarria as he was a pervert and debased individual who likely worshiped Satan. She did reveal that Dr. George Ayres and Samson Trammel where two of Echavarria’s inner circle.

Disturbingly, she also mentioned that at one of the last parties she attended at Echavarria’s home, she stumbled in on a scene where Echavarria appeared to be having sexual intercourse with a variety of people on a couch and that the couch appeared to have some kind of hideous mouth that was also participating in the unholy congress.

Olivia was able to get Lord Edward Homeward, Howard Defoe and Bethany Tibedeaux invitations to a party hosted by Hollywood director, Colm Soames where they ended up securing a sample of Nectar.

After assisting the investigators, Olivia almost paid with her life. Agents of Samson Trammel kidnapped her and brought her to his mansion, destined to do unspeakable things to her and feed her to a dreaded Major Mouth.

Upon returning to Providence the investigators brought Olivia with them, thinking she was likely not safe in Los Angeles for the time being. Janet Winston-Rogers took her in and was looking after her at the time the investigators left for their continued investigation.

Upon their return to Providence, the investigators determined that after a brief stay, Olivia returned to Los Angeles.

Olivia Clarendon

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