Phillip Astor Winston

A socialite with an eye for art


Phillip Astor Winston is the cousin of Janet Winston-Rogers and old friend of Lord Edward D Homeward. Phillip, like Lord Edward, is a upper class gentleman with an interest in art, history and other artifacts.

To say that Phillip is the ‘idle rich’ would be an understatement as he spends most of his time, resources and interests in purchasing art, promoting young talent, discovering new talent and investing in a variety of restaurants in and around the New York City area. Some of his ventures have been with Lord Edward and a few years ago the two were even able to uncover a rare 1921 Rothschild Chateau Lafite that the two had every intention of keeping but was consumed within an hour of purchasing.

Recently, he put Lord Edward in touch with his cousin, Janet, in hopes he could help uncover the mystery that centered around his uncle, and Janet’s father, Walter Winston.

Phillip again returned to the lives of the investigators when he introduced Professor Marvin Derrikson and Julian Alexander to an associate of his, Dr. Ju-no Sinn, an eccentric professor and collector of rare items.

As fate would have it, Phillip and his associates, Davis Lockhart and Dr. Arthur Paddington were on a buying trip in Tokyo and he started a whirlwind romance with Tawny Qualls, a British woman, traveling in the Imperial City. The group made their way to Bangkok to meet up with Julian Alexander and Professor Marvin Derrikson, but not before making some fascinating purchases.

Phillip Astor Winston

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