Richard Spend

An actor from the 1920's


Richard Spend (the stage name for Richard Spenzel) was a nominally popular actor in the early 1920’s, living in Los Angeles. He appeared in a variety of silent movies as a leading man and was well regarded in Hollywood as a hard worker and talented actor. During the 1920’s he was romantically linked to Olivia Clarendon.

According to his sister, Yolanda Spenzel, he seems to have gotten mixed up with the cult of Ramon Echavarria and his Nectar fueled orgy parties. And in addition to appearing in Hollywood films, he also appeared in several pornographic photos (Blackmail Photos) that were gathered by the 1924 Investigators.

He seems to have died in 1924, the culmination of the 1924 Incident at Lot 32. He was survived by his sister, Yolanda. The circumstances of his death were ruled, by the medical examiner, as ‘misadventure’ as it was unclear if it was murder, accidental or self inflicted, based upon the evidence at the crime scene.

Richard Spend was apparently a favored actor of Lady Gwenneth Homeward, wife of Lord Edward Homeward.

Richard Spend

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