Samson Trammel

A mysterious man of wealth


Thus far, little is known about Samson Trammel other than he was a member of the inner circle for Ramon Echavarria’s cult in the 1920’s. He seems to have either not been present or escaped the 1924 Incident. His specific whereabouts are unknown but he does seem to have an address listed in Pasadena, California.

It became clear that Samson was the new leader of the cult, controlling the group’s operations and distributing Nectar to those in the Los Angeles area who had need. Upon breaking into his mansion, a variety of books were taken by the investigators, including his own magnum ops, Testament of the Dripping Mouths’ Emanates.

Far worse, in his basement, Trammel had a Major Mouth that he set loose on the investigators, but was killed when Lord Edward Homeward shot him in the head, but not before seeing a Minor Mouth had manifested on Trammel’s hand.

Samson Trammel

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