Thawi Udom

Master of the death games


Thawi Udom is the boss of the fights in Bangkok. Thawi oversees the deadly Nectar-fueled games in the bowels of Bangkok’s slums district. His power is derived not only from the cash flow that the business generates but also the Nectar that is sold and consumed. No less than 5 fights per night happen under his watch, all of them leading to the death of one or both participants.

When he was encountered, the investigators attempted to pass themselves as high ranking members of another cell, however, Thawi was unimpressed as he seemed to have no real knowledge that there were other cells across the world. Davis Lockheart had his nose bit for his troubles. Quick thinking on the part of Julian Alexander calmed things down and the tense negotiations culminated in Thawi agreeing to set up something between his boss, Savatree Sirikhan and the investigators.

Thawi was killed on the island of Ko Kruk when the investigators approached the crumbling mansion of Savatree. After dispatching of him and the other cultists, they managed to get inside the house and find many clues in their investigation.

Thawi Udom

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