Tag: Bangkok


  • Tida

    Tida, nephew of the manger of the [[Grand American Hotel]], was hired by [[:marvin-derrikson | Prof. Marvin Derrikson]] to assist in translating documents at city hall as well as other duties. The young university student proved not only smart but also …

  • Phao Bantow

    Phao Bantow is an official overseeing various wards in [[Bangkok]]. While the relationship between he and [[:daniel-loman | Daniel Loman]] is not completely known, it seems as if Daniel Lomanis making regular payments to Bantow's underlings.

  • Siripong

    Siripong, a street thug who sells out women and young girls for sex, was, at one point, considering opening a competing fight club that [[:daniel-loman | Daniel Lowman]] had to dissuade him from enacting. He was valuable to the investigators by shedding …