Tag: Malta


  • Montgomery Donovan

    Little, so far, is known of this individual other than his name and his connection to the cult, as referenced in [[Testament of the Dripping Mouths' Emanates ]]. He is apparently a central figure in [[Malta]]. His son, [[:monte-donovan | Monte Donovan …

  • Nurse Bonfila Scarlotti

    Nurse Scarlotti is assigned to the patient [[:monte-donovan | Monte Donovan]] and [[:alexi | Alexi]] and works closely with [[:dr-mario-salazzio | Dr. Mario Salazzio]] at [[Hospital Superbissima]]. She seems to broker no foolishness and where she lacks …

  • Victor Prescott

    Victor Prescott seems to be the face of the [[Nectar]] distribution in Malta. He was the right hand man of [[:dana-heche | Dana Heche]] and likely perished in the cult's warehouse when it was destroyed.

  • Dana Heche

    Currently, little is known about Ms. Dana Heche other than the fact that she is an associate of the film director, [[:colm-soames | Colm Soames]], and has an interest in his film. [[:warren-travers | Warren Barrow]] has the sense that there is something …

  • Sir Godfrey Welles

    Sir Godfrey was first encountered in the warehouse district in [[Valletta]]. Mistaking [[:dr-leonardis-puzo | Dr. Leonardis Puzo]], [[:marvin-derrikson | Prof. Marvin Derrikson]] and [[:michael-mckenzie | Prof. Michael McKenzie]] as members of the [[ …

  • Captain Aldovar

    Captain Aldovar is the captain of the ship, the [[Thrysus]] and likely shipping a vast quantity of [[Nectar]] to parts unknown.