1924 Investigators

The 1924 Investigators, part of the 1924 Incident were following the activities of a cult that was headquartered in Los Angeles, California. The cult seemed to center around sex, drugs and conjuring some kind of other worldly creature perhaps called The Thing With a Thousand Mouths or the Fisher from Outside. Douglas Henslowe gave a short run explanation of each of the other 1924 Investigators:

Walter Winston: Self made millionaire from the pharmaceutical industry and who was generally seen as the leader of the group.with a strong enough personality to keep everyone together. (Escaped the 1924 Incident, died in late 1936, peacefully.)

Vince Stack: Tough. Seen as a ‘fixer’ and someone who acted without hesitation. Good with a gun and good with his hands. Always ready to get down to business but also just as ready to offer a drink. Killed a large number of cultists with his shotgun, including Echaverria, the mysterious cult leader. (Stabbed to death by Edgar Job the night of the incident.)

Katherine Clark: The group’s photographer and archivist. Pretty. Sharp. Quick to learn. Hated the idea that a cult could be so subversive and dangerous to humanity and act without fear of reprisals. She found the location of the ceremony and led them to it in 1924. (She died when one of the . . . things’ tentacles grabbed her and ripped her asunder, decapitating her, according to Edgar Job. )

Dr. F.C. Kullman: Dr. Kullman was a well renown researcher at Ohio State University and was a noted occult expert and ethnologist. He had to be paid a hefty sum of money to accompany the group as he wanted no part of the action, which was hardly surprising as he was wheelchair bound. He kept all the records and books and was able to suss out some of the activities of the cult and suggested that the entity Gol-Gorath was involved. (It is unknown what happened to Dr. Kullman as his wheelchair was found at the scene but he was not. Presumed deceased.)

1924 Investigators

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