Ayers Occult Papers

Ayers_Occult_Papers.jpgThe Ayers occult papers were discovered in the UCLA archives and were once owned by Dr. George Ayers. They detail his relationship with Samson Trammel and Ramon Echavarria and discuss their involvement with the Gol-Gorath cult.

More interestingly, Ayers explains how Echavarria was pulling the wool over the eyes over the rest of the cult by merely pretending to venerate Gol-Gorath, the Fisher from Outside, when in truth, they were secretly venerating Liar from Beyond.

More clearly put, there is a suggestion that the entities Ayers was most concerned with were Gol-Gorath (also known as the Fisher from Outside) and the Liar from Beyond. His papers suggested that over time, Ayers began to regard Gol-Gorath as an intergalactic buffoon (a strange, dangerous, and unknowable buffoon, but a buffoon nonetheless). This developing understanding tracks with Ayers’ apparent realization that Echavarria was playing the cult for fools by secretly venerating the Liar from Beyond and publicly worshiping Gol-Gorath. Together, these papers would prove to be very valuable.

(The occult papers, if consulted, provide a +1 Cthulhu Mythos spend on the topic of the Liar or Gol-Gorath).

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Ayers Occult Papers

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