Blackmail Photos

A series of photos found in a safe deposit box were supposedly placed there in 1924 by the 1924 Investigators during the 1924 Incident. The photos depicted numerous perverse sexual acts by those involved. Each photo, more disturbing than the last contain acts so vile that to even gaze upon them risks damaging a fragile psyche.

Blackmail_photos.jpgIn addition to the disturbing images in the photos, they all contain the same man, later identified as Ramon Echavarria, engaged in the perverse actions as the others. Other individuals in the photos appear well put together, attractive, suggesting they could be socialites. Most of the photos seem to be taken in the same location from hidden points, suggesting the photographer did not wish to be seen.

In addition, a man later identified as actor, Richard Spend, was seen in some of the photos, as well as Edgar Job.

Obviously, the photos were intended as some kind of leverage against Echavarria as well as other cult members in case the 1924 Investigators needed to use it.

Merely possessing these photos would certainly invite criminal prosecution as they violate any number of local and state ordinances.

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Blackmail Photos

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