tsathoggua.jpgA creature referenced by Edgar Job. Unclear whether it was another name for Fisher from Outside or it was something else entirely. Fr. Carl Meinardus suggested it is a gigantic, black, toad-like creature with an impossibly malevolent glare, or a tentacled, scaled, bat-winged entity. This entity has some connection with the 1924 Incident and was thought to be the strange god worshiped by Ramon Echavarria and his cult.

However, in a line of questioning by Howard Defoe to Echavarria’s former accountant, Abraham Buchwald, Buchwald said that Echavarria once said something very unusual to him:

“Abraham, would you like to know something truly perverse? Those who follow me in the way of Gol-Gorath are deceived. My work goes deeper than any of them know. Prepare yourself, Abraham. Prepare yourself for the end.”

Also known as Golxumal.

15662.jpgWhether or not Gol-Gorath was the entity worshiped by Echavarria and his followers is beside the point. Numerous written accounts of this horrific entity appear for hundreds of years giving rise to an entire Gol-Gorath Cycle or Gor-Gorath set of myths. More details about Gol-Gorath have been revealed in the text, Remnants in Darkness, but it may be a somewhat futile attempt as Gol-Gorath could be merely a smoke screen in this larger tapestry.

Gol-Gorath, under the name Golxumal, was an entity touched by the investigators outside of Mexico City. While on the trail of the cult, the investigators entered an ancient site dedicated to this god. By touching the god’s mind, and communicating with him, the investigators discovered that a foul entity had been posing as him and gathering his devotions. This entity, Y’Golonac was a dread enemy of Gol-Gorath and Gol-Gorath promised the investigators that if summoned, he would put an end to Y’Golonac.

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