Rituals of Self Denial

A mysterious set of rituals, first referenced by Jerome when he was met in Mersa Fatma. These were ancient rituals designed to keep evil forces of Y’Golonac at bay. It is said that elders among the Guardians taught the rituals to George Ayers.

Upon meeting George, the investigators learned the Rituals of Self Denial from him. There were two stages: the Rituals of Cleansing and the Rituals of Purification.

The Rituals of Cleansing were simple and cleared the individual’s mind of evil and impure thoughts. It was discovered that the Rituals of Cleansing were not entirely effective, but it was theorized that someone could undergo the ritual and would be so clean that if then eaten by a Major Mouth it would destroy it.

The Rituals of Purification, while more serious, were rituals that one would have to work through for decades to suppress the evil that was building up inside of them due to Nectar or exposure to other vile entities or experiences.

Rituals of Self Denial

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