Ruminations of the Outer Black


The Ruminations of the Outer Black is a mysterious tome that first came into the possession of Professor Marvin Derrikson and Julian Alexander when they went to the home of Dr. Ju-no Sinn. Attracted to the book due to its rarity and its access to select arcane magic, they offered to trade for it (in addition to $1500) for their copy of the accursed Testament of the Dripping Mouths’ Emanates which seemed to draw Dr. Sinn’s interest.

Upon reading the text, Julian discovered that the book, written by some unnamed wizard, referred to agents of the Outer Black either as a singular entity or a group of entities, as individuals with whom pacts could be made and bargains could be struck. These entities would provide deeper magic when some sacrifice was performed. If the sacrifice was acceptable, then magic could be taught. However, if sacrifices were not acceptable, then the would be bargainer would be taken. (It did not specify the kind of sacrifice or where the bargainer would be taken.)

The book further warned about other wizards that would seek out this text and would try and murder whomever had possession of it so that one would have to watch out for rival wizards trying to learn about the Outer Black and the potent magic kept in the text.

The book adds +1 to Cthulhu Mythos.
The book acts as a 2 point resource pool to anything relating to the Outer Black.
The book contains one spell, Contact the Outer Black, with promises of whatever entity arriving will provide further magic.

Ruminations of the Outer Black

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