Secretion Goo

Inelegant as it may seem ‘Secretion Goo’’ is the best term to describe the sample taken from Joy Grove hospital in Savannah by Lord Edward Homeward (also a trained medical doctor). This goo, taken from a Minor Mouth that appeared on the wall, was the only evidence left behind after the mouth disappeared.

petri-dish-2.jpgWhen Lord Edward examined the good in more detail at UCLA’s medical center in Los Angeles, Lord Edward was completely baffled by the results, finding that while it was carbon based, it was unidentifiable as anything currently discovered in nature.

Upon deeper examination of the drug, Nectar, it appeared hat the narcotic was closely linked to the Secretion Goo. Somehow the drug was extracted from some property of the goo meaning that users were ingesting something . . . otherworldly.

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Secretion Goo

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