ygolonac1.jpgY’Golonac is a Great Old One and is the god of perversion and depravity – not just “average” human perversions or depravities, but any that can be conceived of by a sapient being (sane or otherwise). It is said that Y’Golonac can be summoned merely by reading his name in the Revelations of Glaaki. Supposedly, Y’golonac is imprisoned behind a wall of bricks in unknown ruins. His true form is uncertain, but when he possesses a human host to manifest, he appears as a grotesquely obese man, lacking a head or neck, with a mouth in the palm of each hand.

Revealed that Y’Golonac is the true entity hiding behind names such as Liar from Beyond, and the The Thing With a Thousand Mouths, this rotting and corpulent god is the embodiment of vices and all things associated with the traditional deadly sins, focusing mostly on consumption and sexual appetites. Revealed to be a powerful, yet cowardly entity, Y’Golonac uses many forms such as Shabby Purveyor as an avatar.

In an unlikely audience with Golxumal, this powerful creature revealed that Y’Golonac was merely hiding behind the identity of Gol-Gorath and Golxumal, stealing the accolades rightly deserving to other entities.

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