Trail of Cthulhu: Eternal Lies

Episode 12: The End of the First Estate

Working together, Lord Edward Homeward, Bethany Tibedeaux and Howard Defoe came up with a plan on how to access the cult headquarters that Javier Luna had told them about. Fr. Carl Meinardus and Javier Solis sat by, awaiting their instructions. The group knew that penetrating the headquarters would not be easy but the sinister and evil actions that were taking place there had to be stopped. The group decided that the best plan would be for Frankie Fawn to take Elena Alcatruz, Victor Cortez and Javier to the airport and wait, while the others went to the headquarters, but not before constructing some explosive materials for an unpleasant surprise.

Arriving early to survey the situations, the investigators noticed the yellow and blue house they were told about as well as the small hacienda that was nearby that supposedly had a connecting basement. However, there were two other structures nearby with presumably innocents living in them. They quickly decided to provide a distraction by rolling one of the neighbor’s cars down the street, setting it afire, watching it explode right in front of the yellow and blue house. This was enough of a distraction for the group to sneak into the back, seeing a home caked with gore, fluids and suffering from a foul odor. They did quickly find a metal door with a padlock that they picked, seeing a passage that went into the depths of the earth.

Upon descending, they came to a passage that lead to an underground recording studio. There was another passage out that presumably led to the hacienda. Lord Edward immediately went about setting some of the explosives to blow the room if need be. But as he was setting them, he noticed a small false door that lead to a further chamber below. Just as he was ready to inform the others of his discovery, a shot rang out for the unexplored corridor, as the cultists had found them!

While the others went to the secret door Lord Edward had found, Lord Edward went to the passage with the oncoming cultists and decided to throw some of the explosives down the passage. The resulting explosion that went off likely killed the cultists but, at the very least, but more importantly, sealed off the passage. The investigators were free to further navigate the depths.

Emerging at the next lowest level, they entered a room filled with crates and boxes with two exists from the room, both dark passages. Shortly after entering, one of the passages had noise coming from it, likely more cultists and one of the voices had a Russian accent. No doubt this was the mysterious Kirill Konovalov, the brutal bodyguard to Jonathan Brooks. At this point, Lord Edward dispatched Julian and Bethany to investigate the other passageway while he threw some of the remaining explosives into the passage with the oncoming cultists.

As Bethany and Julian fled into the darkness, they found themselves falling into a deep pit, suffering minor bruises and scrapes when they fell. But this was nothing compared to what they discovered in the pit – rotting corpses and walls and floors comprised of one Minor Mouth after another, all beginning to whine and scream for blood. This was too much for Javier who broke with reality and began to hallucinate. Bethany, however, set out to climb the wall while trying to avoid the attacks from the mouths. But at that instant, the strange and haunting music began, that got into the minds of the investigators, starting to drive them mad.

Back in the main passageway, Howard, Fr. Carl and Lord Edward began to negotiate with Konovalov, who agreed to bring in Brooks to talk. Brooks, staying in the passage spoke with Lord Edward and admitted that his expedition, while in the Yucatan, would eventually return with the evidence from Chichen Xoxul that would show that the entity the cult worshiped was, indeed, Gol-Gorath, something that the investigators were certain was incorrect. Further, he stated that the music was just the start. It would be a sound that would usher in a new age of their foul deity. When Lord Edward tried to reason with Brooks, it clearly did not work as Brooks ordered his men to attack right about the time the foul and insane music started.

Bethany, with the help of Howard who had just arrived, got out of the pit but when Julian took a shot at Howard, Bethany suspected Julian had gone insane and lit the pit up with her explosive fire, killing Julian and many of the minor mouths. Upon returning to the chamber with Lord Edward and Fr. Carl, that is when Brooks ordered the attack. But the situation was more dire than they had expected as cultists were coming down the stairs, trapping the investigators!

As the Luz Recording began to play in their heads, the only thing that saved them was the Ghost of the Wolf, the song taught to them by Elena Alcatruz. (The song sounded similar to this.)

The firefight that broke out between angry cultists and the investigators, resulted in several serious wounds, but the investigators managed to reach the top of the stairs, but not before Lord Edward took a fatal head shot from one of the cultists. This broke Howard’s nerve and he grabbed Fr. Carl and fled with Bethany in tow. Whether or not Konovalov and Brooks gave chase after them was unknown as they went straight to their car and sped to the airport where Frankie was waiting. Wasting no time, they boarded the DC-3 and fled to Fresnillo, Mexico where they intended to lay low for a few days.

While there, they tended to their wounds, mourned the loss of their friends Lord Edward and Julian and planned their next move.


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