Colm Soames

A Hollywood director with the most amazing parties


Colm Soames, an associate of Olivia Clarendon is a Hollywood director of such films as The Heroes of Verdun and Dreams of Calcutta. When Lord Edward Homeward questioned Olivia about where he could find a party that provided the drug, Nectar, Olivia immediately thought of Colm and secured an invite for Lord Edward, Howard Defoe and Bethany Tibedeaux.

At Colm’s party, they did manage to lift a small sample of Nectar, while Howard actually tried some. What happened next is best described as ‘sordid’ and ‘debauched,’ with Howard having pangs of regret mixed with desires to return.

Colm, while providing an eerie presence seemed more interested in sexual congress with young guests than he did interested in some kind of cult activity.

As fate would dictate, Soames again ran into Howard Defoe, but this time it was in Valletta, Malta where he was shooting a film, ‘Knights of the Cross.’ Soames had a solid representation of his production company with him including Warren Travers as well as several starlets who brought their own supply of Nectar.

It is unclear precisely what happened to Soames after the events in Malta transpired. It is presumed that he returned to the United States without whatever Nectar deal he was trying to finalize.

Colm Soames

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