Howard Defoe

A private detective from Dallas




Sources of Stability:

Margaret Defoe (ex-wife)
Lt. Eliot Haggerty (former partner)
Patti O’Brien (bartender at Mitch’s Pub in Dallas)
Betsy Defoe (daughter)

Pillars of Sanity:

Moral Code
Physical Laws

Health: 12
Stability: 12
Sanity: 10


Howard is a private detective in the Dallas, Texas area, mostly working odd jobs for the insurance companies, looking into fraud cases with the occasional ‘cheating spouse’ case. Never making much money in his career, he typically needs to take whatever case comes his way.

He first met Janet Winston-Rogers when she and her husband, Jamison Bechtel Rogers were living in Dallas looking into some oil concerns Jamison’s family was involved with. It was shortly after they had gotten married and Janet used Howard’s services to look into her husband’s activities, covertly. She was desperate to uncover any hint of infidelity. When it was clear he was not having an affair – an investigation she insisted upon for 8 months – she dropped the matter.

Recently, Howard was summoned to Providence, RI by Edward Keane, where Ms. Winston, now a widow, has asked Howard and some other associates to look into events surrounding the death of her father, Walter Winston. Howard’s new associates consist of Bethany Tibedeaux, Fr. Carl Meinardus, Frankie Fawn and Lord Edward D Homeward.

Howard Defoe

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