Ju-no Sinn

A mysterious professor of antiquities


Dr. Ju-no Sinn, a mysterious and eccentric professor was first introduced to Professor Marvin Derrikson and Julian Alexander by Phillip Astor Winston. When the investigative team was interested in finding someone who could assist in their travels to Bangkok, as well as someone who may be able to help identify tomes that would be of assistance, Phillip took the group to Dr. Sinn’s home in the Adirondacks.

While visiting Dr. Sinn, they discovered that he was far more than just ‘eccentric,’ but was borderline dangerous. However, for better or for worse, he did agree to accompany the team to Bangkok to assist in translating the language as well as selling them a copy of the tome, Ruminations of the Outer Black.

Curiously, the night before the group departed for Bangkok, Dr. Sinn was spotted leaving the bedroom of Janet Winston-Rogers, suggesting that the two had a romantic interlude.

Ju-no Sinn

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