Julian Alexander

Gentleman thief of curiosities


Health: 11
Stability: 10
Sanity: 5
Athletics: 8

Conceal: 4
Credit Rating: 6
Filch: 8
Locksmith: 4
Preparedness: 6
Reassurance: 4
Scuffling: 6
Stealth: 8

Sources of Stability:
- Pipe, crafted from a marble sample selected by Pierre Charles L’Enfant for use in constructing the U.S. Capitol building ( lost in Bangkok )
- Walther PPK, one of the original prototypes from Fritz Walther’s personal collection ( lost in Bangkok )
- Julia Alexander (his mother)

Pillars of Sanity:
Aesthetics (high principles of art)
Value of the Intellect


Julian Alexander (b. 1901 Oct 02) was born in New Haven, Connecticut, to Samuel and Julia Alexander. At the time, Samuel was a new professor of economics at Yale University. Sam died in an automobile accident when Julian was in college at Yale, but Julia survived. Julian earned BA degrees in Art History and Psychology, but then came to realize that a life of crime could pay better if he set his mind carefully.

Julian has traveled much of the world, but he has spent most of his time in Europe and the Americas. His father left him a small inheritance as a trust which matured when he reached 25 years of age, and Julian supplements this through various con games and thievery. He’s particular about the types of things he will steal, however. He considers robbery and art theft to be too pedestrian, and he prefers to steal more “interesting” items such as rare books or one-of-a-kind items that might not ordinarily be stolen. Two examples:

  • In 1927, he stole a piece of marble from a private collector that ended up being a sample selected by Pierre Charles L’Enfant for use in constructing the U.S. Capitol Building; he has since had the piece crafted into the body of a pipe, which he carried and used to smoke until he lost it in Bangkok.
  • In 1934, he stole one of the original prototypes of the Walther PPK pistol from Fritz Walther’s personal collection. He carried this as his personal sidearm until he lost it in Bangkok.

A few years ago, he met Phillip Astor Winston and Lord Edward Homeward at a party at which they were plotting to “acquire” a bottle of 1921 Rothschild Chateau Lafite. Julian distracted the lady of the house with a con of his own, and Phillip and Lord Edward were able to make away with their prize easily while Julian made away with a prized book to fulfill his own “consignment”. He and Winston remained friends after that, and Julian has even agreed to “procure” a few items for Winston’s personal collection.

Most recently, Phillip asked Julian to ‘consult’ on an existing case that his cousin, Janet Winston-Rogers was involved in, introducing Julian to Lord Edward’s uncle, Prof. Marvin Derrikson.

Julian Alexander

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