Lord Edward D Homeward

Proper English gentleman and investigator



In the Blood

Sources of Stability:

Lady Gweneth (wife)
Lt. Frankie Carpazzo (childhood friend)
Professor Martin Derekson (uncle)
William Steadford (steward)

Pillars of Sanity:


Health: 12
Stability: 12
Sanity: 10


Lord Edward, and his wife, Lady Gweneth, are staples of the English aristocracy in Devonshire. However, unlike many members of the gentry, Lord Edward prefers to spend his time and fortune, investigating unusual mysteries, collecting art and generally being a man of action.

His activities and interests, specifically his art collection, has sent him to the United States on a regular basis and he maintains homes in New York City, Washington, D.C. and Tallahassee, Florida. His closest confident in the United States is Phillip Astor Winston, a fellow art dealer and cousin to Janet Winston-Rogers. Normally, he is accompanied by his steward, William Steadford but there are times when Stedford has to oversee activities in Devonshire.

Recently, Lord Edward has been embroiled in a mystery, surrounding the life and times of Walter Winston, the father of Janet Winston-Rogers (and uncle of Phillip Astor Winston). The nature of the investigation has yet to fully reveal itself but involves some incident that Walter was involved with in 1924 and the subsequent fallout that came in the years following. The request came at the behest of Ms. Walters as she seemed to be well aware of Lord Edward’s own interest in unusual activities.

What Lord Edward is typically loathe to speak about is something that can only be called a ‘family curse.’ It seems that the Homeward family has a pattern of achieving something resembling senility early in life and are prone to disappearances, early deaths and madness. Lord Edward is committed to reversing this so-called curse and finding a way to end this strange familial trend.

Assisting in the investigation is a small group of newly formed friends, Howard Defoe, Frankie Fawn, Fr. Carl Meinardus and Bethany Tibedeaux.

Unfortunately, Lord Edward met his end in Mexico City while trying to put a stop to the La Luz Cultists.’ While trying to escape the basement of Jonathan Brooks and Leticia de la Luz, Lord Edward was gunned down.

Lord Edward D Homeward

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