Ramon Echavarria

A twisted cult leader


Little is known about Ramon Echavarria other than he was the leader of a cult in Los Angeles, had an interest in dark and twisted pornography and maintained a wealthy estate where he threw lavish parties that often devolved into orgies.

Echavarria was the leader of the cult that was at the center of the 1924 Incident. Whatever happened in August of 1924, he seems to have been killed at the Lot 32 farm during an altercation between his cultists and the 1924 Investigators.

His associates in the cult were several individuals including vagrant Edgar Job, actor Richard Spend, and professor George Ayers.

Echavarria’s accountant, Abraham Buchwald suggested that there was some secret Echavarria held, admitting to him that Gol-Gorath may have been a smokescreen for another subject that was secretly revered.


Ramon Echavarria

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